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no-img_eng.gif Customer Service and Employee motivation in the Czech Republic Rafael Ernesto Echavarria Garcia Dissertation 0   340 Available
no-img_eng.gif Depression and Expressive Behavior Jack D. Maser 0   312 Available
cover Development of Non-bank Financial Institutions and Capital Markets in European Union Accession Countries (World Bank Working Papers) Alexandra Gross, Marie-Renee Bakker 0   345 Available
cover Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World: Chuck Hemann 0   29 Available
cover Digital Marketing Excellence: Planning, Optimizing and Integrating Online Marketing Deve Chaffey 0   33 Available
no-img_eng.gif Dissertation-Global Sourcing with the main focus on sourcing in low-cost countries of Central and Eastern Europe, demonstrated by the example of Siemens AG Miriam Trumpus 0   329 Available
no-img_eng.gif Do companies use their marketing department in the most effective way and are they customer oriented or profit oriented Aleksandar Borisov Dissertation 0   359 Available
no-img_eng.gif Do telecommunication comanies in prague Advertise effectively? Aigerim Aitmambetova dissertation 0   376 Available
cover Doing Research in the Real World David E Gray 0   33 Lent from - until
2019-11-29 / 2019-12-15
cover Doing Your Research Project Stephen Waters 0   31 Available
cover E-Commerce 2010 Kenneth C. Laudon 0   407 Available
cover Economics William D. Nordhaus 0   379 Available
cover Economics For Business: Competition, Macro-stability & Globalisation Dermot McAleese 0   365 Available
cover Economics for Business: Competition, Macro-Stability, and Globalisation Mcaleese 0   600 Available
cover Economics of Strategy David Besanko 0   358 Lent from - until
2015-11-04 / 2015-11-30
cover Economics: Study Guide Paul A. Samuelson, William D. Nordhaus 0   371 Available
cover Effective Business Presentations (NetEffect Series) Judy Jones Tisdale Ph.D. 0   389 Available
no-img_eng.gif Effective change Management Pavel Ondrak Dissetation 0   422 Available
cover Effective Presentation: How To Create & Deliver A Winning Presentation Ros Jay, Antony Jay 0   353 Available
cover Effective Small Group Communication in Theory and Practice Mary Ann Renz, John B. Greg 0   367 Available